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RIAT Rhinos

22nd July 2000 - RIAT Cottesmore. 

A new location and a new Phantom operator. The RIAT this year had collected together five of the mighty Rhinos, from three air forces across the European continent. This marked the first time I had seen a Greek F-4. The Turks were also present with two RF-4 Phantoms and the every reliable German Luftwaffe bought over to the UK two of their F-4F Phantoms. To see five of these mighty warplanes together was a sight to behold. With Spain soon to relinquish it's Phantoms for recce EF/A-18s, Greece, Turkey and Germany will be the only operators in Europe and subsequently the only F-4s we are likely to see in the UK. 

So enjoy below the RIAT RHINOS 2000 !!!!

RF-4E Turkish Air Force - 69-7466 - 113 Filo

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RF-4E Turkish Air Force - 69-7504  - 113 Filo

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F-4E Greek Air Force - 71751 - 339 Mira EPA

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F-4F Luftwaffe German Air Force - 37+79 - JG-71

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F-4F Luftwaffe German Air Force - 37+83 - JG-71

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Long Live The Rhinos !

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