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Current Operational Aircraft & Squadrons

Number of Countries that are currently operating the Phantom as at Dec 2021 = 4

GREEK - Elliniki Polimiki Aeroporia

Unit/Squadron Name Model Wing/Base
338 MPK Aris F-4E 117th/Andravida

Current Aircraft = 32  - Delivered F-4E = 84 - RF-4E = 35

IRAN - Islamic Republic Of Iran Air Force

Unit/Squadron Name Model Wing/Base
31 TRS   RF-4E 3rd TAB Nozheh
32 TFS   F-4D/E 3rd TAB Nozheh
33 TFS  


3rd TAB Nozheh
61 TFS   F-4E 6th TAB Bushehr
62 TFS   F-4D/E 6th TAB Bushehr
91 TFS   F-4E 9th TAB Bandar Abbas Int'l
92 TFS   F-4E 9th TAB Bandar Abbas Int'l
101 TFS   F-4D 10th TAB Chah Bahar

Current Aircraft = 63


Unit/Squadron Name Model Wing/Base
152 FS/17 FW   F-4E Cheongju AB
153 FS/17 FW   F-4E Cheongju AB
156 FS/17 FW   F-4E Cheongju AB

Current Aircraft = 24

TURKEY - Turk Hava Kuvvetleri

Unit/Squadron Name Model Wing/Base
111 Filo Panther F-4E 2020 1 AJU ESKISEHIR

Current Aircraft = 48

Collings Foundation 

Serial Number Unit/Squadron Model Noted On
65-749 Collings Foundation F-4D 2021 - Civilian Operated F-4

Total Operational F-4s = 167 Approx


Since The F-4 Phantom become OperationalJavaScript CountUp Timer - Praveen Lobo

29th Dec 1960

If any one can add any further F-4s please email me.

Source Flight International World Air Forces 2024 Current a/c strength - www.wdmma.org

Special thanks to all the Phantom Phanatics that helped with the above info !!!! Phantoms Phorever !!!!

Mentioned in dispatches ! - The following Phantom Pilgrims - Rick Harris, James D. Sieff - Benn Philip George, Damon J. Duran, Phantom II www.tailslides.co.uk - www.airsceneuk.org.uk

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