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Millennium Phantoms

The Phantoms were back in the UK over the weekend of 23/24th May. Back at Air Fete 2000 RAF Mildenhall, Suffolk. Two nations sent this great war-horse to the show. Germany and Turkey sent Phantoms. The Luftwaffe sent two F-4Fs and Turkey sent a RF-4 Phantom. It was nice to see a photo Phantom, quite rare now the Germans and Americans are no longer flying the RF-4. This Phantom Phan missed out by not seeing the F-4F display on Sunday but you can't have everything !

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F-4F 38+43 JG-72 Luftwaffe

Air Fete 2000 - Mildenhall

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69-7456 RF-4E 113 Filo Turkey.


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Air Fete 2000 - Mildenhall

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F-4F 37+47 JG-72 Luftwaffe Air Fete 2000 - Mildenhall

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Long Live The Rhinos !

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