Duxford Rhinos.

Duxford Flying Legends Air Show - 11th July 2004.

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XV474 Ex 74 Sqn RAF seems to be getting moved all over the airfield this year as Duxford gets it new hanger extension under way. 

xv474-1-fl-2004.JPG (57434 bytes) xv474-2-fl-2004.JPG (49212 bytes)
xv474-3-fl-2004.JPG (52438 bytes) xv474-4-fl-2004.JPG (52545 bytes)
xv474-5-fl-2004.JPG (55737 bytes)

Airbrakes in lowered position.

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xv474-9-fl-2004.JPG (60625 bytes) xv474-10-fl-2004.JPG (113214 bytes)
xv474-11-fl-2004.JPG (60528 bytes) xv474-12-fl-2004.JPG (62650 bytes)

Close up tail showing arrestor hook. 

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