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Rhino Hunt 99.

As the years pass the mighty Rhino becomes harder to see. The place to see active Rhinos this year was RIAT Fairford held on the weekend of 24th & 25th July. Six of these mighty beasts were present. Four German Luftwaffe examples and two Turkish Air Force. Although none of the Rhino's flew, seeing  two of them taxi at the finale of the show was still a great treat for Phantoms Phans everywhere. Long Live The Rhino ~ Phantoms Phorever !

The Fairford Rhinos were as follows -

gaff4f3750iat99.jpg (141883 bytes)37+50 JG72 Luftwaffegaff4f3750iat99b.jpg (178106 bytes)gaff4f3750iat99c.jpg (174178 bytes)

luft3758iat99a.jpg (317105 bytes)37+58 JG72 Luftwaffeluft3758iat99b.jpg (122706 bytes)luft3758iat99c.jpg (120182 bytes)luft3758iat99d.jpg (120710 bytes)luft3758iat99e.jpg (132548 bytes)luft3758iat99f.jpg (130644 bytes)

gaff4f3797iat99.jpg (145580 bytes)37+97 JG74 Luftwaffe

luft3868iat99a.jpg (146524 bytes)38+68 JG74 Luftwaffeluft3868iat99b.jpg (101572 bytes)luft3868iat99c.jpg (114536 bytes)luft3868iat99d.jpg (100119 bytes)

660354f4eturk.jpg (106272 bytes)66-0354 132 Filo/3nci AJU Turkish Air Force

taff4e670226iat99.jpg (133048 bytes)67-0226 132 Filo/3nci AJU Turkish Air Forcetaff4e670226iat99a.jpg (136915 bytes)taff4e670226iat99b.jpg (158377 bytes)taff4e670226iat99c.jpg (183470 bytes)


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Phantom Pharewell !

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Thanks to the BFN for the pic !

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