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Meet The Author - Andrew M. Whiteley

Welcome to Corsair Publishing's second web site. I hope you find something of interest here. This site was just going to be a homage to the RAF version. I have now extended it to include other operators of this great warplane.

I was lucky enough to sit in two Royal Air Force Phantoms during the 1980's. This was during a summer camp with the ATC in 1983. Both aircrarft were stationed at RAF Wattisham. One was a camo aircraft in 23 Squadron markings, the other was a 56 Squadron machine painted in the barley grey scheme. The 23 machine I sat in the nav seat as it was explained to me about the job of the nav. The 56 Phantom was out on the flight line. I sat in both the rear and front cockpits. Sitting on the flight line in the cockpit of this warplane with over ten other F-4s around me was a great moment.....Glory Days !!!!

First operational RAF Phantom seen, XV574 'Z' 111 Squadron at Biggin Hill Air Fair 1983.111bh83b.jpg (24632 bytes)

Last operational RAF Phantom seen, XV426 'P' 56 Squadron at Biggin Hill Air Fair 1992.56bh92a.jpg (33145 bytes)

Phantoms Phorever !

Rhinos Phorever !!!!

Phantoms Phorever !

Snakeman !!!!

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